Components Capabilities


You can now buy Stereo Workstation Software components separately. The three components are "Basic Components", "Signals And Measurement Components", and "Import And Record Components". You can start with "Basic Components" and include none, one, or two other components now. No matter what combination of components you start with you will be able to add other components (and therefore capabilities) later as needed. The following are the four initial purchase options:

  • Basic Components
  • Basic plus Signals And Measure Components
  • Basic plus Import And Record Components
  • All Components
The following sections list the capabilities of these four purchase options,.

Basic Components Capabilities

  • Tune Up the Sonic Performance of your Music (CDs and DVDs), by Adjusting Equalization Graphs, SubSonic RollOffs, Volumes, Balances, and Adaptive Volumes.
  • Store unique Sonic Performance Adjustments in a database for each Track on every CD/DVD Disc.
  • Automatic Disc Recognition (ADR) detects which Disc is loaded and retrieves the unique Adjustments for that Disc from the database.
  • Automatic Track Recognition (ATR) detects which Track is playing and uses the unique Adjustments for that Track to process the Music.
  • Automatic Remote Control (ARC) takes control of your computer CD/DVD drive or external CD/DVD Player to detect Discs and Tracks.
  • If you have a couple hundred Discs in your collection and if there are 10 Tracks per Disc then you could have a database containing many thousands of Sonic Performance Adjustments. ARC, ADR and ATR make it easy to automatically retrieve the correct Adjustments for your Music.
  • Have a Disc Session with all your Music Discs and use Head In Loop feedback to create your Disc and Track Adjustments.
  • Configure StandAlone if your Stereo Workstation will be a single Desktop or Laptop computer.
  • If you have two connected computers (Wireless or Hardwired) you can configure one as the Base computer (put near equipment) and the other as the Mobile computer (use at listening position).
  • The Mobile computer will usually be a Laptop and the Base computer will usually be a Desktop. But any type can be used at either location. Ideally the Mobile computer will be a Tablet PC type for best graphics control.
  • The Mobile computer can be as far away as your Wireless connection or your Hardwired cable will allow.
  • Play CD/DVD Music from any Mobile or the Base computer CD/DVD drive. The Mobile computer will send the Music data over the Wireless or Hardwired connection to the Base computer. The Base computer will process the Music with your Sonic Performance Adjustments and then send it out to your system.
  • Includes License Activation for one Computer.

Basic Plus Signals And Measure Capabilities

  • Includes all Basic Components capabilities.
  • Stereo Waveform Oscilloscope lets you view your Music. Adjust the Amplitude Gain, and Sweep Rate. Setup for Single Sweep or Auto Sweep operation.
  • Stereo Spectrum Analyzer lets you view your Music frequency components. Adjust the Spectrum Center, Range, and Block Size. Set display for Linear, or Logarithmic operation. Also setup for Average, Peak, or Instantaneaous mode.
  • Adjust the Trigger Level, Trigger Slope, Trigger Delay, Trace Mode, Trace Persistence, and Compensation, for both of the above measurement instruments.
  • Test Tones Mode lets you generate complex Muti-Spectral Test Tones and various Noise characteristics to calibrate your system.
  • Calibrate Mode lets you generate Triangle, Square, and Burst Sine waves to calibrate your system.
  • Enable special Microphone Connected Mode (you supply microphone) to perform your own custom calibration procedures.
  • Computer Aided Adjustment (CAA) with Head In Loop feedback enables easy generation of Baseline Adjustments.
  • Auto Baseline Adjustment enables automatic Adjustment of Baselines using software generated Tones that are received and processed using input from an external microphone (you supply microphone).
  • Increases License Activations to two Computers.

Basic Plus Import And Record Components Capabilities

  • Includes all Basic Components capabilities.
  • Create Import Discs (on the hard drive) which are virtual CD Discs and where the Tracks are Wave Files.
  • Play an Import Disc from the hard drive just like you would play a real CD from the CD drive.
  • Import all the Tracks from a CD to an Import Disc.
  • Import MP3 (and other formats) Music files directly from your MP3 player, Flash Drive, or CD into an Import Disc.
  • Record Adjusted Music playing from a CD/DVD Disc or an Import Disc into a new Import Disc. The Music from each Adjusted Track of the source Disc will be stored into sequential Wave File Tracks of the recorded Import Disc.
  • Export Import Discs back to your MP3 player, to a Flash Drive, or to a CD.
  • You will be able to import your MP3 music, Adjust the Music, and Export it back to your MP3 Player for an vastly improved listening experience.
  • You will be able to import your CD Music, Adjust the Music, and Export it (burn it) to a new CD for superior Sonic Performance for your car system.
  • Increases License Activations to two Computers. (Mobile computers don't need to be activated)

All Components Capabilities

  • Includes all the above listed capabilities.
  • Increases License Activations to three Computers.