All Music Is Not Created Equal


You probably have built up your home Stereo System over a period of time with many changes and upgrades along the way. Component choices were based on personal listening tests, spec sheets, magazine reviews, price, and finally your best guess. On the other hand you might have a Desktop Computer with accessory Speakers, or even just an MP3 Player or a Laptop Computer that you use with headphones.

Regardless of your system quality you probably discovered that there were noticeable Sonic Performance differences between CD/DVD Discs and between Music files (MP3s). Sonic Performance deficiencies that originate in the Record process are forever included with the Music on your Discs/Files. In other words, no matter how good your system is, your Discs/Files are the weak link in the Music reproduction chain.

Stereo Workstation Software will enable you to attack the Disc/File based deficiencies in a direct and effective way. You will be able to improve the Sonic Performance of your Music in subtle ways and in profound ways in order to let you enjoy all your Music equally.

If you feel satisfied with the current Sonic Performance of your Music and your System then we believe you will be genuinely impressed and maybe even a little surprised at how much better it can be with Stereo Workstation Software working for you.

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