There's Always Room For Improvement


Your system consists of three components which are the Electronics, the Speakers, and the Room. If you are a serious stereo system owner, you probably have spent much time investigating each of these components and maybe have spent a lot of money on them.

The Electronics, at least for High-End systems, is debatably the most perfected of the playback components even though there are still perceptible Sonic Performance differences between products.

The next component category is Speakers, and even for High-End systems Speakers are still highly variable and quirky in the sense that the Sonic Performance is dependant on the Electronics that drives them and also dependant on their placement in a particular Room.

The Room itself is an integral part of your system and was mostly overlooked until the last 10 years or so when some very effective products started showing up. It is essential to get rid of those primary first reflections from the side walls and from the front wall, as well as damping out the worst low frequency modes and then experimenting with some sound redirection to obtain the best image.

But it's not a perfect world and no matter what kind of system you have you probably could use just a little more bass extension than your system provides (probably a Speaker deficiency), or you need the upper midrange to calm down just a little (probably a Speaker characteristic or a Room effect), or you need the upper frequency presence to pick up just a little (could be an Electronics or Speaker, or Room problem). In other words, no matter how good your System is, Stereo Workstation Software will enable you to Tune it Up for even better performance.

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