There's No Accounting For Taste


All your preconceived notions of what good Sonic Performance actually is, as well as any physical hearing limitations that you might have, plus the usual psycho acoustic effects are all included here.

Experience, while using Stereo Workstation Software, has revealed that most people that have normal hearing agree that a little bass boost, a moderate amount of upper midrange attenuation, and a little high frequency boost can improve the Sonic Performance of even the best systems. But this is highly subjective and different people will prefer different amounts of boost or attenuation to improve the Sonic Performance of their systems.

Listening tests have also shown that people do not experience the same Music in the same way twice. Music that is inspiring today may not be inspiring tomorrow but may be once again inspiring next week. A little bass boost one day and then attenuation another day might be all you need for optimal Sonic Performance every time you listen, and Stereo Workstation Software enables you to do that.

Unfortunately, as we get older there is a consistent and predictable hearing degradation that occurs which is, fortunately, easily corrected with Stereo Workstation Software. Even some hearing problems that are not age related can be overcome.

The bottom line here is that no matter how good your System is and even if your Discs were perfect you are part of the Sonic Performance equation, and Stereo Workstation Software will let you include all your personal preferences into the Sonic Performance of your System.

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